April 12, 2024

Pub Fruity Online Slot

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Pub Fruity Online Slot Description

Fancy a cocktail? How about a game of Darts? Well, you can get both of these as well as a very high energy game of slots all in one with the Pub Fruity Slot Online. There’s definitely a lot happening in this game but I guess that just means more for the player to enjoy. A little confusing to wrap your head around at first but there are a few main concepts to understand which hopefully we can explain here.

Unlike other 3-Reel games, the Pub Fruity slot online has a few different variations of the symbols available:

  • Standard symbols including bells, bar, watermelon, grapes, berries, oranges and lemons
  • All the above standard symbols can also appear with a number next to it triggering a small bonus feature we will call Fruity Flavors.
  • All the above standard symbols can also appear with a dart next to it triggering the Slots Dart Match Bonus.

Fruity Flavors

The game reels are surrounded by about 18 beer and cocktail drinks, every third or fourth drink is labelled with a game enhancing bonus as follows:

  • Drink 4 = Free Spin
  • Drink 5 = 2 times multiplier
  • Drink 7 = 4 times multiplier
  • Drink 8 = Bonus nudge
  • Drink 9 = Cocktail Shaker bonus.*
  • Drink 11 = 10 times multiplier
  • Drink 12 = Win Spin*
  • Drink 13 = 25 times multiplier
  • Drink 15 = 100 times multiplier
  • Drink 16 = Stoppa Win
  • Drink 17 = Cocktail Shaker
  • Drink 18 = 500 times multiplier slots jackpot!

* Cocktail shaker bonus randomly moves the Fruity Flavors highlighted drink to another random bonus.

* Bonus nudge bonus gives you an option to select one of the beers on tap. The taps are lined up with the 3 reels and lets you ‘nudge’ the reel after a spin to move it up to the next symbol.

* Win spin is an automatic win on all three reels randomly matching any 3 symbols.

Slots Dart Match Bonus

Another very fun mini game within the game itself. The Slots Dart Match bonus let’s you spectate and bet on a dart game. There are 3 characters to chose from, Pat, Roxy and Mikey and you will need to select the character you believe will score the highest in the dart game. Once you have selected the character, sit back and watch the game play out. Each player in this Pub Fruity  slot online mini game has 3 throws of the darts and the score is added up at the end. Payouts are given to first, second, third place bets in the below order:

  1. 1st place = 1000 times win multiplier
  2. 2nd place = 100 times win multiplier
  3. 3rd place = 50 times multiplier

So like we said, there is a lot happening in this slot online but whether you are playing for fun or looking to take your chances for the jackpot, there is plenty of action to go around in this game.