April 12, 2024

Builder Beaver Online Slot

Builder Beaver Slot Online

Builder Beaver Online Slot Attributes

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Builder Beaver Online Slot Description

It is always amazing how animals in the wild can build their homes. But have you ever wondered how they do it? Have you ever stopped to think how they can create such complicated dwellings on so little? Well let’s find out together with the Builder Beaver Slot Online.

If you have been interested in how animals achieve this, then you are looking at the Builder Beaver. It is one of the animals that are well known for building excellent homes and dams.

A lot of people study the beaver to try understand the mystery of this animals kingdom. That’s the reason why this slot will be perfect for bringing out your exploration power.

Builder Beaver Slot Online Theme

The game is built based on the Builder Beaver with a creativity theme. The animal has been known across ages as the best builder in the world. Considering its strength and ability, we are continually fascinated.

Just as with  any building task, one has to find the materials and compile them together before continuing. This is the same scenery presented in this game.

The aim is to make you feel like you are building something great which will reward you at the end. As you go through the game and win bonuses, you will think about what you are doing.

Once you master the art of building, winning becomes more comfortable. Unlike any other slot online, this game is straightforward. It is even easier to learn the game as it does not involve to too much thinking.

With such a big task at hand, the builder beaver cannot work alone. This is why Builder Beaver has his trusty companions to help out, including you as the player of this online slot.

Generally, any work you do, you get paid. In the same manner, the Builder Beaver will reward you if you help him complete the task. There all sorts of things the Beaver Will want you to find for him. These include tool boxes and saws.

Then you will have to ensure that his customers are kept happy. His loyal customer like Mr. Raccoon and Mr. Bear cannot be disappointed. If you guarantee they are always smiling, you get more rewards. There is the Wild Beaver and Scattered Beaver logging company, each with their own bonuses and rewards.

Builder Beaver Features

Builder Beaver Slot Online offers some excellent features. The best features being that you can win free games in the Sign and Beaver features.

There are also significant and progressive jackpots that can also be triggered. If you hit the jackpot, all your earnings will be combined with your winnings from the game that triggered the jackpot.


You will find the beaver as the significant icon in the game that can replace all the rest. Then there are different tools to recover as well as some of the loyal customers to Beaver Builder.

Builder Beaver slot online offers lots of ways for the player to earn. You can get up to 100 coins when you find flowers and pinecones.

Symbol5 Reels4 Reels3 Reels2 Reels
Builder Beaver10000150015015
Beaver Sign2002021
Female Beaver5000500100 10
Bear200020025 3
Racoon75015015 2
Tools or Saw300505 
Lunch or Whistle250255 
Flower or Acorn100205