April 12, 2024

7’s and Stripes Online Slot

Sevens and Stripes Slot Online

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7’s and Stripes Online Slot Description

Are you tired of scanning through gimmicky countless slot online games? Do you want a slot game that boasts of an American punch? Look no further. The 7’s and Stripes slot online might be your perfect fit. This game is not cluttered with mini gamers, wild symbols, and bonus multipliers, and therefore gives you an opportunity to play a satisfying classic slot. Nevertheless, the game still keeps things lively with its incredible optional progressive jackpot and flamboyant design.

The 7’s and Stripes slot has replaced the stars in the all-American Stars and Stripes themes with every player’s luck symbols. Furthermore, the game redefines the “Land of Opportunity” in this Jackpot Slot.

The symbolic red, blue and white color scheme makes a good first impression. Another impressive thing about this game is that apart from America, it also embraces a retro period of slots on which a majority of Americans were raised. The game’s 3 reel and 1 pay-line reel format, together with a range of unforgettable symbols, provide a good retro feel. This combination has attracted and impressed slot online players in America, who enjoy playing slot games that have 3 lucky 7’s colors and 3 different bar types.

Essentially, America is the Home of the Brave. Therefore, choosing the 3 coins spin is a brave way of spinning these retro reels, and the only way that enables you to hit the progressive jackpot, which rewards slot players with as much as 10,000 coins. You win the jackpot when you line up each of the white 7’s, red 7’s, and blue 7’s.

If you are not impressed with the 3 coins options, you can still receive impressive rewards lining up the jackpot combination. If you play the 2 coins option, you will receive a reward of 4,800 while playing the 1 coin option will give you a reward of 2,400 coins.

You can also try and line up other several winning combinations. Prize symbols include single bars, double bars, and triple bars, and any mixed bar combination pays from 4 to 12 coins. Nevertheless, 3 single bars pay from 10 to 30 coins. On the other hand, 3 double bars pay from 20 to 60 coins, while 3 triple bars pay from 40 to 120 coins. If you successfully hit 3 blue 7’s, you can win between 100 and 300 coins. Hitting 3 white 7’s rewards you between 200 and 600 coins while hitting 3 red 7’s pays almost half the jackpot rewards with wins that range from 1,199 to 5,000 coins.

The 7’s and stripes slot online game gives you the freedom of choosing whether to play 1 coin, 2 coins, or 3 coins per spin. Interestingly, you can also play this game for free before you can play for real money.